The Festival of Big Ideas is an event planned for the autumn of 2021 when hopefully Covid-19 will have receded into an alarming page in the history books.

We’re planning an event where people with an interest in science, philosophy, anthropology and  psychology can come together to ask the big questions of life, inspire one another and look at the world through new eyes.

There will be speakers and workshops during the day, ballroom dance parties at night.

Wine will flow, ideas will flourish, good times will be had.

It will be an weekend event for 60-90 people and there will be a strong ethos of listening, tolerance and engagement. When we meet others with different points of view we will turn the rhetorical question: ‘how could someone think that!; into a genuine curiosity,

And if that fails we’ll leave toy swords and water pistols around the castle.

Did we mention it will be in a castle?

We’re scouting for venues now and there are a few interesting possibilities in Central Europe.

Interested in the Festival of Big Ideas?